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Straight from the bird's mouth

I started experimenting with making the masts with the birds-mouth method.

CaptMSR brought over a V groove router bit and I set it up in the router table. I ripped some cut-off from a 2x4 down to 1/4" thick and cut the V in one edge.
I ripped the piece down to about 3/8" wide, and chopped off 8 pieces about 2" long.
Name: pri20120511b.jpg
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Description: V groove cut in edge of 1/4" thick plank
This was glued up and clamped up with rubber-bands. When the glue set, I knocked off the corners that stood proud and made it 8-sided. Then I made it 16 sided by eye on the belt sander. Finally I made it round.
Name: pri20120511c.jpg
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Description: 8 of them glued together make a spar
I made another test piece about 3-1/2" long, but I not going to round it.

Pride's masts will be 15/16" in diameter at the deck and taper to 5/8" at the hounds. Each stave of the mast gets the taper cut into it after the groove is cut. That's why the staves are only 1/4" thick as they'll nearly be touching at the top of the mast.

I almost forgot to put the cheek blocks on the riding bits, that got done today.
Name: pri20120511f.jpg
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Description: Cheek blocks for riding bitts Name: pri20120511g.jpg
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Description: Cheek blocks for forward riding bitts Name: pri20120511j.jpg
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Size: 138.8 KB
Description: Cheek blocks for aft riding bitts

Another detail I couldn't track down was how the manual pump handle was attached to the pump boxes - CaptMSR found a video of her trip to the islands in 77 and in a scene of Smith shooting a sight - there at his feet are the pumps - partially disassembled - but the only image I've found where you can see them, and between them.
Name: pride77melbourne_sights.jpg
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Description: Melbourne Smith takes a sight on her maiden voyage to the Carribean in 1977
Note pump boxes bottom center.
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