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Got my servo signal reverser to match up the V2 front and V1 rear movements, hooked up the nose wheel with a new link to a stopper (punched a small hole in the foam to access the servo horn screw), epoxied a short length of control rod to the V2 nose gear to open the door, everything looking peachy for a maiden this Sunday and BAM the servo reverser goes kaputt after about 3 tests.
To his credit, called the Ebay seller Matt and he apologized and will send out a new one today. Said they had a bad batch so they test each one before shipping, but mine obviously had a finite life only a few cycles more...
She does steer really great on the ground - did a few medium speed taxi tests in the culdesac and MAN does she get up and GO when you nail the throttle!
Steering is if anything better than stock, I can spin her around almost within her own wingspan.
So what to do... take her for a maiden taking off from the tarmac with the front gear unplugged in the down position, hand launch with gear up, or wait until next weekend when the new reverser is here? If the weather is nice as expected on Sunday don't think I can wait any longer....
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