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I kept the thrustline of the firewall. Do not seem to have any problem with ballooning on power changes, the reason for downthrust. I also setup to use the original centerline on the firewall, no changes. Used the "X" mount to drill the holes directly on the square stand-off for the gas engine. Then mounted the dowels as usual, which kept the prop drive washer in the proper position/location.

The 45amp rating on the mpii power plugs is plenty, as the max time over that during a flight is less than ten seconds, which occurs in less than 1 second bursts. Highest amp draw time is during runup on take-off run, and lasts less than 1 full second. So, even if they are "slow blow" fuses, they never get warm, soo... However, they do act as a type of efficiency reducer, as any and all connections and wire size reductions tend to do. As we are overpowered and do not require anywhere near max sustained output the loss is negligible/unnoticed.
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