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Originally Posted by edsmith View Post
I have a Spektrum DX8 transmitter that was on the recall list at Horizon Hobby. I responded to their online querry and they sent me an RMA and shipping lable. They paid to ship it back to them even though I bought it at my LHS, and they repaired it and paid to ship it back all at no charge to me.

Yep, if an online vendor sends me the wrong stuff or something that doesn't work right out of the box they should pay to replace it and that includes shipping. BP hobbies is an online vendor and they have done that for me twice, why should any other online vendor be different.
ed, this is all well and good. I work with a chap who got a Spectrum DX7 from Horizon as well. He like me is located outside of the US in Australia. There was an issue and Horizon offered to fix the problem but He had to pay the postage to send it to them.l No if's but's or maybe's. If he wanted it fixed by Horizon he had to pay the shipping back.

Are we getting it yet? Shoppers have to be smart and take a lot into consideration when purchasing. What works for some simply won't work the same way for others.

Yep there are expectations and sure some vendors provide fantastic service depending on where the customer is.

My APC props turned up from Tower at almost 4 weeks (normally it's around 2 weeks to Aus). I love Tower because they have a great through put of the common big brand name Items I need. I also note on a lot of their items when you purchase them they put a statement that "it is best for the customer to deal direct with manufacturer xxxxxxx in the event of an issue" All good as far as I'm concerned but think about it.

I ordered and it took 4 days for the order to be packed an despatched.

It took over 3 weeks for the items to get to me.

If one of my APC props was broken Tower did not wish to assist with warranty.

I somehow think if it wasn't me then yet another "the world is ending and vendor X are cheats liars and theives and will be shut down by the end of the month" blurb would have appeared on numerous forums.

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