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Here we go again--What set of programs for CNC?

I know this question has been asked lots of times, but here we go again. I have been CNCing foam wings using a hot wire and the HobbyCNC board/GCC_Rev0/GMFC combination for a while. It works just fine for constant chord and straight taper. But I want to do some eliptical wings, maybe make parts for my friends. Doing them by cutting each rib individually is a real pain. Also, cutting and notching bulkheads is a pain too. So I have collected enough parts to set up a CNC router, the last being picking up the bare bones of a Joes 2006 CNC machine. I am going to order another HobbyCNC board (that way I can use it for a spare for my wing cutter). And that it works well with good parts support. (no need to go into why I know that... )

What I want to cut is primarily 2D stuff like ribs/formers and basic signs. Some day I may branch out to full 3D but it is not the first priority. I am roughly familiar with CAD and have both ACAD R14 and TurboCAD available to me. I also have a couple of buddies that know ACAD well. So the question is, what other programs I will need? I assume a program like MACH3 and something like CUT2D or CUT3D. I have a budget of about $800 to buy what software I need.

I am looking for ease of setup and use much more than the lowest price. If I can get something working with a minimum of trouble, I am willing to spend some more $$ if I have to because I am an appliance operator when it comes to computers and software. I have no interest in taking on another hobby just to make parts.

Any thoughts??

Thanks for any help you can give,

Mel D.
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