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Originally Posted by joe manor View Post
So, is there any benefit to the image stabilization feature Ian? I understand what its for, but you say to turn it off. What if we are slightly zoomed in and filming with the SX30IS. Will it help? As of now I plan to pick one up. Im a little confused as to why it is the only sub $1000 camera using the CCD. I would never have guessed as there are so many cameras to choose from. Do you have the stock battery? What size storage do you use? Thanks.

Image stabilization is most useful when you're hand holding a shot of a still subject (think
of a wedding, or long zoom on your kids on stage.. etc).
It tends to get in the way when you're trying to pan and tilt quickly to follow a fast moving target.
Sometimes it's smart enough to recognize that you want to pan, but other times it will
cause a jumpiness as it stabilizes (image stops panning briefly), then skips forward..
stabilizes again, and so forth. The SX cameras have the option to stabilize in all directions,
or only vertically, which allows for unrestricted horizontal panning to follow fast moving action
while reducing some of the hand shake vertically. Best stabilization is still a steady hand.
I usually hold the camera up in front of me with tension on the neck strap.

Stock battery is good and lasts a long time. I bought some extra batteries on amazon
with a bit higher capacity.
Storage has been going up over the years. 8GB has been my staple for a couple
years (good for about 45 minutes of HD video), and now I've bought some relatively
inexpensive 16GB SD cards also from amazon (had to film a family wedding recently and
needed more space, although the whole wedding pretty much fit on one 16GB card).

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