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Originally Posted by Axefly View Post
thanks ulkar,

Is there any tips that can be given to me (setup wise), i really don't have anymore cash to spend on this quad, so i have to minimize any mistakes i'll make.

Also is it true that i have to get into the air quickly with a quad as opposed to slowly easing off the ground like i do with my helicopters ?

Someone said something about the gyro's having a hard time stabilizing the quad if one takes off slowly.

Well, with mine there is just a slight ground effect and that doesn't affect piloting at all so I wouldn't worry about it at all.

What you must do is get the KK manual and do all they say and double check everything WITHOUT the props. I made the mistake of doing some stuff with them on and broke a few.

A good way to make sure everything is ok. You plug only escs one after each other on the board, only one at a time, and you make sure that it is correctly placed and that the gyros are having the right behaviour.

For example you plug top left esc to the board on M1, then you arm the board and try rolling, pitching, etc. If it's not doing the right thing then it's on the wrong plug on the board, then you try M2 and etc until it's the right one. Then when it's on the right plug on the board, you plug it, put a little throttle and tilt the quad on the pitch or roll axis, if it doesn't compensate by throttling up on the motor when the motor goes down as it should, you have to reverse that particular gyro axis, which is well explained in the manual.

Also having a good throttle curve and good dr exp for roll and pitch makes it easier to learn to pilot.

I think that the main problem with those toys is that, when you start with it, you don't know much how to tune everything, and it makes it harder to pilot while at the same time you're trying to learn how to pilot it ! That's why it can seem difficult at first, but then again it's a lot of fun mainly, you just have to be very patient
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