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Hey Guys,

Any updates or tricks on any Grobs still flying ?

I flew mine twice yesterday. The air was kinda bumpy and higher winds than I wanted but still flyable.

The Grob chews up airspace quickly, yet even a sailplane noob like me could see it rising in lift. My spotter thought I was getting to about 500+ ft on some of my climbs. I'm settling into a 5 climb routine I think as my batteries started at 4.15 per cell and ended at 3.86per cell.

If I have fully topped off batteries I should be able to fly to my hearts content and know that I'm not over taxing the batteries.

I added a HK voltage alarm that beeps when you hit a preset voltage. I set it for 3.8v per cell. I never hit the alarm on my flights yesterday.

When I balanced my Grob I did it with the prop both on and off the plane at 61mm. So far I have flown it with the prop on and installed my batteries 1/2way in between
those two marks. So I'm nose heave just slightly at the 61mm mark.

Everyone that sees it fly says I'm in a good spot. However, I will get it into the hands of a good glider guy sometime this year to see if he'd move it at all.

With the high winds and bumpy air yesterday having the two 3s 2100 Hyperion packs 1/2inch ahead of the 61mm balance point worked very well.

I'm still not use to watching a sailplane at altitude so I have to work on keeping my orientation. Holding opposite sticks to the direction of travel for an extended time as the Grob gets pushed away from the lift starts to work on my head and I have to really think about whats it's doing at altitude. Cool, but different than I'm used to...

It was easier to do figure 8's to stay in the lift for me than trying to do circles. I was better at that then trying to keep the wings level against the lift. I still have a lot to learn.

I managed a 9+ minute flight. Longer flights are out there with practice.

Anyway, no signs of nasty tip stall. I did stall it at altitude a couple of times but not too bad. I just don't try to float it the closer to the ground I get.

Any others still flying?

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