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Originally Posted by Axefly View Post
thanks ulkar,

Is there any tips that can be given to me (setup wise), i really don't have anymore cash to spend on this quad, so i have to minimize any mistakes i'll make.

Also is it true that i have to get into the air quickly with a quad as opposed to slowly easing off the ground like i do with my helicopters ?

Someone said something about the gyro's having a hard time stabilizing the quad if one takes off slowly.
Hi Axefly,

I suggest you look at this website for instructions on how to use the flash tool. You will need the USB programmer to flash your copter if you want to fly something else than the +copter configuration such as Xcopter.

Do not worry about the instructions about modifying connectors to connect your board to a USB. The USB programmer should come with the proper connector. If you plug it backward, it won't work but nothing will break. The kk flash tool(software)simply will not work. turn the plug around the other way and it will work. You need to download the software and the drivers for the USB programmer and they are both available, free, at the link provided above.

As for needing to take off the ground fast, this isn't really true to quads. Quads are quite resilient to what we call "ground effect." It's with CP helis that one wants to get off the ground quickly to avoid gyro issues and difficult take offs. Quads can lift off slowly with no issues.

I hope this helps.

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