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Originally Posted by nkkromhof View Post
If you have a Slowstick then that would probably be the best way to get your feet wet in FPV.

Just buy your FPV gear and fly the heck out of that Slowstick with it - the good thing about the Slowstick is that everything happens so (wait for it...) slow that it's really easy to get started flying FPV on one. It's what I did.

Then you can build a Hercules or Deep Reaper while you get used to the new perspective and all the extra electronics and failure modes and just transfer your video gear over when you're comfortable flying FPV.

You could be flying and learning FPV while building your 'real' FPV plane and maybe making your beginner mistakes on the (disposable) 'Stick.
Our EPP Albatoss will fly better in wind and is 10X more durable than a Slowstick. Some of you who have owned and flown both tell us how you think they compare. The Albatross has a true airfoil and can handle wind better but yet fly slower with the same load.

The new Storm Chaser is a 2X version of the Albatross and can carry the load but still fly slow in the wind. It is a great plane for the beginner in FPV. The pod mounted motor leaves the nose free for all the FPV gear but still has enough EPP structure to make it one of the toughest FPV planes you can fly. I frequently fly with 9000 mA of 3S lipo which gives over an hour of airtime. The plane flies great and is still slow with the big batteries.

The self stabilizing characteristics of these planes can't be overstated. They will level their own wings and put their nose on the horizon without pilot input once they are trimmed in. Not only are they stable but they are fun to fly. I have 5 of them set up for night flying with different light configurations and I am not a beginner.
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