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Couldn't use the poll as the options are too limited.

Yes they should pay for return costs if they supply an unfit or incorrect item however the law would expect you to use the vendor shipment options, not yours, to limit the costs.

Standard business practice in OZ.

Terms of sale are worth the value of the media they are written on, you can't sign away your responsibility in OZ. I don't care what is written in the terms and conditions. I expect mechandisable items as described in the ad or as could be reasonably expected, the vendor has to make good on supply of same if it falls short.

Recently a vendor in China tried to get me to pay for return of an incorrectly supplied product. I did all they asked such as pictures of the incorrect unit but it was to be my cost to return. Oh sure. I immediately raised a paypal dispute. They sent a replacement but never paid for return postage.

I do not pay for other's mistakes (at work or home). Nothing like a few losses to encourage process improvement.

Occasionally the value of the item is not worth the hassle and time dealing with OS companies or trying to return the item. My last HK order mistake was supplying two incorrect props in a $260 order, for a couple of stocking fillers I was not going to waste my time, gave them away and ordered the correct ones next order.

For LHS (nearest usable is about 10km away) I would never ask as they are only a slight deviation on normal travel and the couple of times over 20 years I got a small gift for my trouble and as an apology. However I never pay for return for mail order in OZ. I have paid for postage etc but was given a refund via CC or store credit in exchange.

I have had excellent mail order customer service from Ringo, Ming and Phillip; really above and beyond. Luckily only a couple of minor problems with HK over last 7 years or so.
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