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Originally Posted by MachVoluM View Post
Any ideas on how to get the range/duration I'm looking for would greatly be appreciated. I am new to FPV and am very excited at all the technology, unfortunately I am on a budget and lack some very crucial knowledge about video transmission.
My first piece of advice coming from a fellow novice FPV'r is baby steps. You say you are new to FPV, start SMALL. If you've never flown a wing, my advice is to buy one that is already assembled and tested. Get your feet wet. Wings are a TON of fun and are extremely durable, however they do take a bit to get used to. Their flight characteristics are unique.

With that being said, start FPV simple. I wouldn't go straight to goggles. Install your video tx, camera etc etc, but have your video receiver hooked up to a dvr or some sort of recording device. Just so you can get used to flying with weight. Remember, baby steps. Then move to goggles or whatever viewing device you've decided on. BUT stay within line of sight, so when things get out of hand you can recover. A spotter is a necessity at this point. Anyways, this is just stuff that I've learned/observed since I've started learning about FPV. One more thing, learn all you can about antennas. Having a good understanding of how they work will help you avoid interference issues that will come up. Here's a video that helped me learn a bit:
Antennas 101 - Polarization, Diversity & Gain Patterns (27 min 56 sec)

Good Luck!
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