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Originally Posted by Staggerflyer View Post
Just wire in the BEC behind the Safety plug, on the ESC side, so that lead does not recieve power till the plug is installed.
Duh! Of course. Thanks for the wakeup call on that one.

Originally Posted by Staggerflyer View Post
The safety plugs I use are made by MPI/MAXX. They are wired so the plug is on the positive line. However, it really is more correct to wire the plug in the negative line, as DC current actually flows FROM the negative TO the positive. This would eliminate the sparking on connection, as well as any electrons getting to the electronics until the plug is installed.
I looked at those safety plugs, but they only seem to come in 14 and 12 gauge wire using APP 45 amp connectors. The CC 100 amp ESC has 10 gauge wire, as do the Gens Ace 5s batteries I have ordered. By placing 12 gauge in as the plug, I feel like I'm making more of a FUSE than a Safety Plug. <g> I am planning to install APP 75 amp connectors on the 10 gauge wire, and I have ordered enough of them to see if I can build my own safety plug with 10 gauge wire. I'll let you know what I find out.

Don't see why I could't place the safety plug on the ground side (black lead) and even use black APP housings and 'hide' it in the front cockpit.

One new question about the motor mount. I have noticed that the firewall is canted with right thrust, but does not appear to have any down thrust. Did you simply make all four dowels the same length and are happy with the trim situation like that? Did you mount the dowels on a set of the hole marks on the firewall, or did you have to interpolate? I'm planning to use the same motor you did.


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