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A few questions..

So I am wondering a few things.. I have recently purchased and will be assembling a pusher Hercules and I am under the impression that it is basically a Larger version of the Deep Reaper XL. Since I have never flown an all wing model and have looked at many different videos of the impressive things that they can do, I am 100% interested

I am going to be designing this to carry close to 6-7 pounds of weight. I know the idea is to build them light but I have a want/need for ultimate air time. My overall goal is to achieve 2 hours if possible and cover a distance over a couple miles with fpv gear. Most of the flight I would like to have autopilot to way-points that can be updated while flying, rather than at the beginning of the flight, so I can use a pan and tilt camera with a head tracker to look around. Once the batteries get to about half charge or when I want to end, automatically turn the plane around and come home.

I have been looking at different batteries 2s 3s and 4s (still not sure what voltage is best), fpv /osd/autopilot/tracking equipment etc. I'm also not sure what kind of motor to use or what prop to use. I realize that a bigger prop will draw more amps out of the batteries and make the motor work harder and once you pass up about 3000ft with a standard 2.4ghz receiver transmitter you are going to loose control of the plane.

Currently I am looking at these specs to start:
2x Turnigy nano-tech 8400mAh 3S 40~80C Lipo Pack
2x T-Pro MG90 (Metal Gear) Servos
NTM Prop Drive Series 35-36A 1800Kv / 875w
TURNIGY TRUST 70A SBEC Brushless Speed Controller (don't know the difference of BEC)
No idea for a prop.. Possibly a 9-6
DX6i 2.4GHz transmitter with AR6200 receiver or equivalent

Any ideas on how to get the range/duration I'm looking for would greatly be appreciated. I am new to FPV and am very excited at all the technology, unfortunately I am on a budget and lack some very crucial knowledge about video transmission.

I look forward to joining the many thousands in this sport!
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