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It looks like I will be starting a production batch of 6 - 10 fuselages this Friday (exact number depends on how much fabric I have). One is spoken for (an experimental layup for one of my friends), and possibly I'll pick a blem (assuming) and keep it for myself.

I have one last thing to make - a foam cover that becomes the lid for my hot box. I just need to go to the hardware store and purchase a sheet of foam and tape it up. Then I'm ready to begin.

Soon... Soon...

After this first batch I'll need to purchase more fabric as I'll be out of some of what I'm using. My stock of fabric suitable for fuselages is unfortunately quite a bit smaller than my stock for wings. So there may be a delay between the first batch and the second. I plan to get enough fabric to last a while. Actually the first batch is to help pay for the fabric order so I can make more.

Three prototypes are in people's hands. If any of them get built or get flying, I'd love more feedback! Besides, everyone likes to see pictures and read stories about DLGs!

FWIW, the boom length as delivered is roughly 2" longer than what I generally use in my personal planes and in my designs. There is no need to keep the boom full length if you don't want to.

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