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Originally Posted by Tuk151 View Post
Hello all.. I just recently ordered one of these Icon A5's this week. Should be in by next week at my LHS. This will be my first sea-water plane, in my fleet of 10-15 electrics'.
I have a couple of questions to ask you guys about the aircraft for now.
1. Any (MUST) mods needed before maiden?
If you plan to operate off water or pavement with wheels NO
2. How much wind for flight is too much?
Depends on your skill level... I'd say under 12mph is best.
3. 2200 parkzone lipo average flight times?
Depends on how you fly... 8 to 10 minutes with mixed flying
4. Maiden on land ofr water first?
I Maidened mine off grass with the wheels removed. It would not take off with 3s. Installed a 4s and all was good. But went back to the 3s for water flight due to no solid specs on the motor's voltage max.

I plan to outfit this bird with my Spektrum telemetry system to keep an eye on temp and battery voltage. I'm wondering if touch-and-go's and landings then re-ups are a big part of the flights you guys are having.. Thanks for the info fella's.. Tuk151
Touch and go's are always part flying RC. Ad the water aspect and T&G's are even more fun!!
Smart using telemetry... you should have all the info you need to really enjoy the ICON.

Hope this all helps...
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