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Originally Posted by elCapitan View Post
Sure, if you can get it to balance right, and have long enough leads for the servos. I always try to get mine out as much as I can. I also try to put them at an angle so that the push rod is perpendicular to the elevon, rather than to the cross-spar. I know lots of people point them straight back, and it works fine. I've just had better luck avoiding binding, servo chatter, and bowing push rods when they're perpendicular to the elevon.

But again, you have to maintain the proper CG, and on a small plane like the Assassin, servo placement can make a big difference.
Ditto on what elCapitan said. I think the placement per the instructions is more of an ease of placement, CG, and protection sort of thing.

I usually move mine out and set the control rods and horns perp to the elevon, but I suffer a little when it comes to battery placement. I have to place mine further forward than the instructions indicate. So far, several are in the air that have been built "my" way, and have held up fine.

The others in our club that have built them per instructions are also doing it comes down to a personal preference.

I keep telling myself that I am going to build the next one per the instructions, but I just cannot get myself to do it.
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