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Originally Posted by C₄H₁₀ View Post

I've never really understood the vehement opposition to certain materials that some people seem to have. There'll be someone looking to branch out a little, maybe try a nice balsa sport plane or a foam 3D trainer, and inevitably there's some yahoo who absolutely condemns whichever material they're looking at.

"Foamies aren't REAL models!"

"Balsa smashes into little bits and you can never fix it!"

"Carbon blocks radio signals!"

"Fiberglass is... " Ya know, on second thought I don't think I've ever heard major criticism against glass You get the idea, though.
Well, the Mythbusters did build some gliders out of concrete... One of them even sort of flew.

And I have actually used a small lump of broken concrete as a nose weight in a model before, when ther was nothing more suitable around.....

I have a wider viewpoint on model building materials than most here and do not limit everything to flying models. I make my living building models for a large aerospace company and literally have used just about any material you can think of to build models..including concrete and glass... In fact, will be using concrete later today to install a large MC-130J gate guardian model at an Air Force base.

Of course, most of these models do not have to fly, so material choice is a little more open...
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