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Originally Posted by Radio.Active View Post
Okay FWIW. here's an image dumpster of all my Radian mods

The image names sort of describe the point of the picture.

Some mods are common to the 2 Radians I have left - Gold N Rods, CF arrow replacing the factory installed boom stiffener, Dubro hinges everywhere except on the factory HStab, CF rod in VStab, Futaba and Orange RX in the cockpit.

Other mods randomly appear on the 2 fuselages.

The DIY HStab is 3/32 balsa with UltraKote top and bottom and Dubro hinges and is rigid enough to not need CF reinforcement.

The DVS130M Parkzone digital metal gear servos are from the wings of a deceased Radian Pro ( same physical size as OEM PKZ servos) and require 50% End Point programming.

One has the decalage mod and the other; not so much but a little which was all accomplished with the gluing of the CF arrow and not moving the HStab plastic saddle.

2" aluminium hub version has rare earth magnets on tail to adjust GC.

Varoius blue and white velcro strips on wing saddle and canopy are for 808 Key Cams and their external battery packs. The weight of the 800mah 1S external camera LiPo battery is also used to adjust CG by repositioning on the velcro.

3 images show an old Radian Pro servo bay and how I fixed the 2 Futaba antennas when I put the RX in the servo bay when the servos are both moved aft. For Spektrum users, the Futaba and Orange RX has 2 antennas on long pigtails and no satellite RX needed to get antenna diversity and the desired 90 degree offset.

At this time I have one mod on my todo list other than add some color. It has to do with the wing flex. I do not believe that the excess flex is due to the wing spar being too weak all though that can contribute some. I believe the compression of the foam surrounding the wing spar, particularly near the wing root and at the top of the spar, when experiencing high-G contributes move flex. I will try to solve this by gluing a tubular insert into each wing root for about the first 6" or so. The lighter, thinner walled wing spar that comes with the Radian ( as opposed to the heavier, thicker walled one that comes with the Radian Pro ) will allow me to insert a Caleba CF arrow into it. I have flown with the factory CF tube AND the CF arrow inserted and have found little difference. i.e. the foam can still compress above the spar near the root. So I will cut about 6" pieces of the Radian spar and glue them into the wing and then use the CF arrow as the spar. It will be somewhat loose on the outer wings as its OD is aproximately the same as the ID of the factory spar. BUT, the spar near the root will have to deal with both the compression on the upper surface and sheer on the lower. The flexing wing should encounter more resistance around the root with the glued-in insert rather than just having to compress the foam above the spar. Small movement near the root translate into big wing flex near the tips.

If it works... I'll report back. If it is NG I won't will admit it was a dumb idea and won't will report back


This is a great post ..
Loads of info with photos..


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