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OSD version UNKNOWN and fail to update (error)

I am having the problem like that third time, but this time it already took 1 day since I am trying to fix it, and no luck..

I am flying this model rarely, and because of this, I am flying this model more rarely - looks like if I do not use OSD Pro for some long time (month or so), it forgets its setup, or something like this, and it is a big pain to make it working again.

Here is how it look like:
On my video out I got the initial welcome screen of OSD, saying that version is 2.51, and, after couple of seconds, it says something like "Menu input(s) not detected". After that - nothing new happens. Welcome screen is kept on the screen forever.

When connecting Logger V3 + OSD Pro to USB port of my PC, EagleTree software detects that OSD Pro firmware needs to be reinstalled, then it says version is UNKNOWN, and after I click to UPDATE - after couple of seconds I get "firmware programming error occured. Please reconnect, and try again".

When I go to the "Choose params for OSD", it does some communication with a module, loads params, but they are blank. If I change something I can press OK, and some "Download" bar will also show for some seconds. No errors are displayed, and seems software really communicates with module. But, no options are saved.

When I disconnect OSD from Logger - Software sees that I now do not have module.

I remember previous times, using some sorcery, I managed to fix same problems (but losing OSD setup every time), but this time it is more serious, or I do not know what to think.

Things done:
- connected/disconnected GPS
- same with Power battery
- same with 5V from BESC to one of OSD inputs
- same with Video In/Outs + 12V power

Please help!

P.S. In one of the similar threads someone recommended to use Battery Strap (this wire coming from BESC to Logger), but I do not understand how to connect it, because USB is connected there..
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