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Originally Posted by Al Austria View Post
For all intents and purpose, it makes absolutely no difference where your flight controller is mounted on the frame. Provided that your FC is oriented appropriately, mounted flat and is properly indexed with the aircraft's azimuth, it will compensate exactly the same regardless of its location.

You can mount your flight controller on a stick stood off 10 feet to the side of your quad and it will fly fine as long as the stick is rigid and the FC is mounted with the above criteria.

Other than that, I really like the frame. Camera mount being isolated ought to work great. I'd actually suggest mounting the FC on the non isolated portion of the frame. In most cases, adding a mechanical means of vibration filtering to an IMU will actually increase it's control deadband as well as the likelihood for the system to drift. As long as your props are balanced, stock tape mounted directly to the airframe usually works best.
true will work no doubt, its just the time and speed gyros calculate, i drew this up and the only thing i dont like is how the outer gyro does a circle in relation to the cg
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