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I had difficulty understanding number 3.

I dissagree with number 5: " For a given lift force, just as the amount of momentum imparted to the fluid is less if the fluid is highly viscous"

Number 13 is, in my opinion, the number one cause of confusion. For an infinite hershey bar wing, there are no trailing vortices, but there is still the bound vortex. The bound vortex is associated with downwash behind the wing and upwash in front of the wing.

The downwash in the wake is the superposition of the downwash from the bound vortex and the trailing vortices.

A great way to learn about these concepts is to study lifting line theory. The model assumes a flat wake, which isn't quite how the wake behaves, but the basic principles are profound and unavoidable.
I've seen this treated reasonably well in every aerodynamics book I've found since the 30's.
DPATE is online now Find More Posts by DPATE
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