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28" revival

What a sweet little plane.

Needed just a little up elevator trim and a little correction with the ailerons on first flight....then it was time to see what it could do.

My bad on not properly reinforcing the fuselage with ply and the foam wedges as per full instructions so I had a crack after the 2nd landing. I'm also running rather heavy, using a 225w 1200kv motor with a 1300mah 9x4.7 prop(orignally was going to build the 36")

Smaller batteries, SC and motor arrive today though after 6 flights I have to say I love the power it has on hand. Waterfalls are violent, and flat spins to inverted flats are beautiful with no struggle at all to keep control. Flies great slow, hovers are a bit difficult with this much power, bigger prop might do it.....just rockets vertically....

new parts should shave a little over 2 oz

Used a spare nosewheel from my t28 micro, twisted and mounted in the rudder with an exacto and a dab of epoxy, nice and steerable. Sandwhiched to 1/8 pieces of ply to the wheel pants, drilled a place to slide in an axle, and mounted the wheels using an old Cub landing gear. Now takeoffs and landings and beautiful on pavement. Rolls around and steers better than I could have imagined

I've already got foam for the 36", might take it up to 40".

Here are some pics....expect a big brother soon
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