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Originally Posted by sirocelot View Post
I've had my HZ cub for a year now, and I've loved it. I purchased it at a discount, mostly because it has the old electronics (72 MHZ I believe) with the servos linked to the receiver via a four-wire cord. It came with ye olden TX, a three channel black transmitter that *ahem* sucks. The radios were fine when I first purchased the bird, giving plenty of range to learn to fly. Over time and usage, though, (and possibly because of a small lipo fire), the radios have worn themselves down to the point to where they have an effective range of about 100 yards. If the cub flies past that point, the engine and control surfaces start acting seizuric. They both become nonresponsive for around a second, then regain control. This makes it EXTREMELY hard to control. I just had one of the worst wrecks I have ever had today because I got it too far away.

The problem has worked its way to the point where I NEED to do something about it. I have a brand new tx (spectrum dx6i), so I have been thinking about switching to spektrum electronics. This should solve the problem. Also, if I do that, then I will need help getting an ESC as I know nothing about them. Please reply, because of the problem 2 out of the 2 flights I got in today ended in a crash.

I have seen some professional grade 27Mhz for RC Aircraft and they are rock solid. The trouble with the BLACK BOX (72Mhz version) on the Super Cub is the (Unless of course they have fixed this issue) antenna whip cord is soldered on one side of the integrated Circuit card but, not on the opposite side and it is then, allowed to twist and will eventually cause range problems and glitches.

Also, the old 72Mhz was known for Field Effect Transistor (FET) to pop out during a Propeller Strike due to high current draw and the following picture you can see the Antenna at the corner of the circuit board where it is soldered on one side and not the other allowing the wipe antenna to twist and cause a solder crack and lose contact thereby, the model losing RF communication with the Transmitter.

I would just buy the AirFrame and decor per my liking unless you see a super deal somewhere like in eBay.

Going with 2.4Giga has its learning curve issues so, take a look at lots of Video on "How-To" before you fly your model using this newer Radio gear.

Best of luck,
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