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micro USB + LIPO powering APM 2.0 and calibration the radio!


I have the APM2.0 plugged trhough usb. Mission Planner shows everything alright. Then I plug RC inputs but nothing happen. Apparently , micro USB only powers up the board, not the servos, so I proceed to plug my ESC on output channel 3 ( it is the one that comes with bixler, so it gives 5V power supply ). However when I do this, the ESC starts beeping very fast and really seems that something is going to explode or something! Kind of scary!. Moreover, nothing happens, I can't see any way to calibrate the radio on mission planner.

Can anyone please tell me the correct way to do the calibration? Am i doing something wrong? Am I going to burn something pluggin both micro USB and LIPO trhough ESC on channel 3 output?

How do you guys get to the point of calibration the radio? Are you doing the same as me?

Well, after what happened I think I might need to rebind tx/rx and try again. Please tell me what you think!

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