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Thrashin' on my B-2

Well, thanks to the weather being and the priority list in my favor, I've been able to get some things done on my B-2 project.

Well, it came down to "do it or get off the pot" time, it's ready to glue the top sheet down.(, I hope we didn't forget anything)

I needed a third hand so I hot glued two 1/4" pieces of plywood to a heavy duty spring clamp. The pieces were just as long as the glue stitch area I was going to do along the t.e. It saved my , it made it so much easier, it was glue, clamp, wait a sec, and do it again.

I used 30 min. epoxy and coated the top of the main spar and the ribs with that. I had the hot glue gun ready and after I pulled the top skin down tight I hot glued the t.e.'s along the spacers at each motor.
I had plenty of weights to keep things down flat until the epoxy set up too.
I did have to take my razor saw and cut the t.e. glue joint at the left tip, for some reason I got a little twist in the tip, this was eliminated easily, but I said when I seen it.
I took the B-2 to our monthly club meeting last night, it was a big hit, a lot of interest.
Not too much left to do on it before I head to the "breifing room" for flight instructions and get the "maiden" on it.
The way it sets right now it weighs in at 27 oz. , no batteries, paint, or trim details, and the elevons and control rods.

Thanks Josh for a fun project and the build pics and tips you've posted.
Thanks Pecan for your help and tips also.

I can't wait to fly this sucka..................

Sorry, I tried my darndest to get me to stand up straight. I couldn't remove the pic either, so there I am.
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