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I flew...I actually flew

I flew for the very first time today after about twelve years of being close. usual story the big .60 piper cub i was making when I was 13 lost the fight to beer and girls and never flew, various half baked foam things that broke-on-test-toss, and most recently a firebird knockoff that came with the different channels in the plane and trans( the company said thats immpossible because there boxed at the factory). and this whole time i've been obbsesed with r/c planes, buying magazines and looking on the net ever since that first piper kit. Now things are different, right around the time I discovered the firebird would never be...Tax return!!!yaaaaaay. I went headlong into a shopping spree that left me with a Hitec eclipse, NES Wendy, Hobby-lobby Zip-Tip, and another full house micro flight pack for homemade things. The wendy is in the closet until better flying abilities and the zip is wating for better weather. In the mean time I cut down the wing on the firebird and made a 34"span DLG, AUW 5oz and flew it for two hours after work today. My best flight being about tree figure 8s before actually catching it. I learned a ton, like Hi-starts are really bad for planes if they dont unhook, it was an absolute dead straight nose dive into dry hard D.C. Dirtgrass from 75 feet of hi-start. it broke loose both servos and ruined the good looks of the solite covered balsa fuse but thats it. It's way sturdier than I ever thought it would be. I gave up on the hi-start after that and stuck SAL. The day ended when I failed to notice the battery unhooked after a rather rough landing and it went up and then down tearing up the stab, an easy fix and i definatly have the dlg bug. till next time thanks to all who post here and kept up my interest through the years.-Maxwell
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