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310mph Kolibri T25 Swist
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So what is the deal with peolpe wrapping tap around the back of the wing and around the fuselage ? I mean i know why they do,but is it important,or just over thinking ? i brought tape with me to do it,but i was so jacked up to fly it,i forgot to do it....but i did put some blue locktite one the wing screws,and they came down nice and tight......So yes,i still have some NEWB questions to throw at you guys
Congrats on the maiden

I heard the Turbine Swist does't use tape, and it pulls massive G's

For landing setup a mix which raises both ailerons about 75% of their total travel. Make sure to save some travel for aileron controll. And still be prepared that the ailerons are much less effective when spoilerons are deployed. The trick is to come in low, at maybe 10ft when you turn up to the wind then lower it to 3ft and continue bleeding of speed switching spoilerons on and off as you get closer keeping it at 3ft adding more and more elevator untill the speed is low enough for touch down.
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