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+1 on the fishing pole. I love my Emmrod Packer for this purpose:

The Emmrod won't cast as far as a spinner, but it allows slingshot precise placement, which is key when it comes to hooking that one branch in the middle of a poorly maintained canopy. I like using tennis balls, since they have a predictable trajectory and are unlikely to damage the plane; they are also easier to manipulate in the branches (pull slow to get the ball to drop one branch lower, and give short tug followed with a hard pull to wrap the line around the target branch). Oh, and remember, sometimes you'll pull hard, the "lure" will suddenly break free, and you'll have whatever object you tied on the end headed toward your face at a high rate of speed. We've had laughs when the tennis ball whacked the operator in the head, but not sure how that would turn out if they were spark plugs.

I'm not sure if 90' high is possible with any fishing pole though... unless you use a potato gun or something. LOL! That would be fun, but depending where the tree is you may get a frown from local law enforcement. Other options would include like Neon's mentioned, a slingshot of some sort. Would also be cool to see a quad go up and place the line on the branch.

Good luck,
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