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Today Kieth and I went out in "unsettled" conditions in BC that means rain then sun then rain - then wind then sun with rainy windy periods. We actually had to wait in the car for the rain to stop for about 30 mins.

I decided to try the X2 with the full compliment of brass ballast. I put it up on the highstart and searched for some lift in the very cloudy (post rain) flying area we were in. Kieth had commented that with his 60 oz Agida it was tough going in these conditions and he was right the lift was really lite or none at all.

I found a patch that clearly indicated lift. I am flying my x2 at 115 and the ballast was set for this CG - this might be a tad rearward for this AUW (79 oz) and I may try a little further next time. Regardless, the signal was evident and the significant speed increase due to ballast made for a really stable ride.

If I came off the highstart and hit reflex the model would really cover ground and at 79 oz it maintained its mo to getyou where you want to be fast. I liked that.

The plane handled almost exactly the same as it did when it was dry. I think I was expecting something a little more difficult to was a pussy cat. When the wind really blows im going to laod the tungsten in (879gr)

At that CG and AUW the X2 seemed to have a more prominent sweet spot in terms of keeping the plane on step. If you got out of step the plane did not punish you but you did not go up as fast as you could...if that makes sense. When the model is dry (59xx oz) it goes up like rocket and you really have to fight to screw it up in lift.

I managed to core out and attain near winch launch alt. The lift pretty much started to die out again. I dropped my ballast and Kieth and I scratched all of the flights aside from the last one. Onthat flight an obvious infill indicated down the launch corridor. I went up - found the lift and then flew out so Kieth could launch and together we took chunks of that thermal for little rides and put in 10+ mins easily. That was as good a note to end on...

I am really interested in the 3.8 and 3.5 SL variants ....should be cool.
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