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eflightray, you have very good points in your post. When I see pictures of someones balsa plane before the covering goes on, you really get to see all the craftmanship that a person really has. When I look at foam build planes I don't get the same feeling.

Would all the FPV builders who build using balsa, prefer to use the Balsa forum or the FPV forum ?, (my guess would be the FPV).
Well I guess you could post here or there, whatever you choice my be until you get into the FPV gear.
Maybe the fourm would be used by people wanting to showoff their skills so the rest of us can be envious.

eflightray: I have built models in balsa and in foam,
Being a builder of both you must understand what I am saying when you really get to see someone craftmanship on a balsa build, especially from scratch.

Here is some pictures of a plane I built 18 years ago that had a cox 049. I was 13 at the time and was just learning as you can tell by the aileron placement on the wing. I missed a day of school because I lost the plane and stayed home to look for it. Two days after I watched it fall out of the sky when the 3 minute fule take run dry on the cox, a budy of mine (still to this day) found it.

Name: 100_0916.jpg
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Description: 18 years and counting. Many crashes and counting.

I have converted the plane to an electric and I am working on a new wing.

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Description: New flater wing and longer nose in the fuselage for better balancing on the electric conversion.
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