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First major crash today. And the worst part is, I have no idea what happened, given that my camera was out of battery. I'm pretty sure it's not pilot error -- there was a sudden gust of wind and I decided to land for safety, and the heli literally exploded (!) when I was about a foot up. Can't rule out a tail strike, since it happened very fast and the tail boom is twisted, but from what I remember I didn't touch anything.

Take a look at the pictures for the visuals of the damage. The main frame split in two horizontally along the plane of the main gear; I never found the central part with the lower main shaft bearing. The breaks are extremely clean and sharp. The electronics are not damaged in any way -- the fuses didn't blow, the main gear has all its teeth, servos look okay, etc.

The head suffered minor damage. The anti-rotation bracket snapped off cleanly right above its mounting screws. One of the ball links on the control arms broke off (again, cleanly). The rest looks fine, though I will take everything apart to check.

The tail is twisted, and the tail mount broke along the repair from the old tail strike. Found the motor and tail rotor about 12 feet away, undamaged (the solder on the wires let go). This might be the cause -- if the mount fractured suddenly, the tail assembly flew off, and the resulting instant torque from the main rotor put strain on the frame until it sheared off. How does that sound?

Butcher's bill, as far as I can tell from the manual and my inspection:
- Main frame
- Anti-rotation bracket (sold as part of main frame)
- Control arms
- Main shaft bearings
- Tail boom
- Tail mount (this presumes that the tail motor is still working)

Now the question is, do I spend $50 (more?) in parts to get a $100 helicopter back in the air? I do hate having inoperable airframes in my fleet...
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