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Originally Posted by Madratter View Post
Well I have finally done it. I flew my 32" Edge 540 into the ground often enough that the repairs had really compromised its flight characteristics. I had bought an Sbach a while back for just such an occasion. So I've started ripping apart the Edge and building the Sbach. I really should have done this with my original plane, the old style 32" slick, but I just can't make myself trash that one yet.

My Crack Yak is still in great shape, and it is my go-to plane. So the Sbach will serve as backup.
That's the most real-sounding explanation yet to justify a new plane. lol If I had a wife, she'd probably fall for it. Hahaha.

I keep staring at my Edge hanging from the ceiling, trying to decide what to do with it. Ive tried posting it for sale, LPU, but no takers here in NorCal. I like flying the CY much more, so it just hangs there. Anyway, I still picture a four servo wing, so I can crow it and try other weird, nonsensical 3D moves. I honestly think it will work.

edit: Hmmm, anyone install a 4D motor setup on their TH plane yet?

edit 2: 4 servo wing and 4D motor.
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