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Over the winter I have googled RcGroups a couple of times looking for a truly scratch built, not from kit or plan thread , just looking for ideas. I could not find one. I thought that there had to be one in all the RCGroups mumble jumble so again today I googled looking and came across this thread that only talks about the possability of one. Sad Truly scratch, balsa built builder seem to be a dying breed here on RcGroups. If you search the web you will find plenty of people on small sites that are scratch balsa building.

C4 H1 Balsa, on the other hand, requires time, work, and some level of skill. Even a very simple balsa model (e.g. Slipso400) takes more time and effort than a large percentage of the scratchbuilt foamies out there. Not a lot of people are out bashing together balsa models in an afternoon and then going and abusing them at the park.
C4 H1 has a very good point here and so does TomM

Well I could see a need for it and a general straightening out of some forums. The Scale Forum has plenty of scratch builds, but if you aren't building scale you're out of luck. Same with Oldtimers. The Builder's Workshop is now inclusive of everything from Harbor Freight foamies , how to fix servos, how to paint a workshop floor, and the monthly scrollsaw or bandsaw debate.
In my search I looked a the Scale forum but I'm not one for detail and a Oldtimer would not suite my needs when I was wanting a lite high wing FPV plane. Tom also has another good point about
general straightening out of some forums.
I just got into FPV planes and there is a lot to digest over there. I have read over 2 million post and only 50 or so was helpfull and on topic. This theard here already talks off topic about left handed shoe girls and where to go find one. I hate my girlfriends shoe collections. Her shoes have their own bedroom but my planes and I get the basement.

Plus 1 on the Truly scratch, balsa built Forum.
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