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Originally Posted by BpPilot View Post
Ok, thank you all for the responses.

At this point i might be more interested in spending a little more and going for a larger platform capable of lifting a full size camera. Bear in mind I am just starting out doing research in this area so any comments are really appreciated.

If I raise the budget to $2000, will that get me smooth quality for an SLR?

I just stumbled across the MK Okto2. Any thoughts?
I'm a bit confused. Do you want to only do aerial videography or shoot complete weddings and such? I'm not trying to be rude, but if you do not know the term SLR or DSLR, I'm pretty sure you are far from shooting a decent quality video for a client. I've been at the video business for almost 20 years. I'm still not the greatest but I'm getting better every day

I know just as much about composition and lighting for mechanical shots as anyone else on here, maybe more. However, I'm just learning RC Aerial videography now. I just need to learn how to get a stable rig going to extend my reach. It is a pretty rough start I'm having. I got a new rig on the way. once I get a smooth camera going it will be another paint brush for me. I'd suggest learning about what makes video dynamic before offering services.

DJI Flame Wheel 450 w/Naza and Gopro (2 min 50 sec)

naza x486 flamegear f450 test (5 min 43 sec)

With that being said. I know from experience you can get a good trainer rig under 1k with a go pro but it most likely will not shoot cinema quality images. I'm busting out about $2600 on my next rig. I have high hopes but if I can get something stable up there I know I can make some beautiful stuff.
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