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Took the X2 for a spin in very rough but active air. Exactly the kind of conditions I would want the X2 in. Short launch - find the lif and spec out kind of stuff.

I never really managed anything aside from half height launches and then had to "skoot" to get to the lift. The X2 proved to be more than able to move through the sink and get me back home from some fairly low alt scenarios. I did manage to get caught in unexpected chunks of sink here and there but all I needed to do was hit reflex and push it home.

I really like how the 3.5 signals and handles low lift. at 59 oz this plane is quite stable and predictable in low lift. Up into stronger lift it was apparent that this light weight certainly required a little more attention to keep from getting pushed around in the thermal but at that point I was going up so fast I was not really worried about it.

I only flew for a little over an hour and then the rain started in earnest so I packed up and went home.

Tomorrow looks like a decent day for more testing. Willf ly ballasted with brass and maybe 880 gr of tungsten to see how it handles that.
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