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Looking closely at the forecastle hatch I noted that my "corrected" one wasn't correct. The hatch nearly fills the space between the bitts, is about as tall, and has a bit of a step in the forward end so the lid will have room to hinge open. So I think I finally have something that's as right as I can get it short of diving two miles to measure it.

I'm real pleased with how the tiller turned out. I didn't have any tubing the right size, but I had a little brass sheet and rolled that around a drill bit smaller than the tiller. I CAed that on and filed the seam till it nearly disappeared. How it will be attached to the rudder is another matter.

I put some metal tape on the pump boxes to simulate banding. The pump lever pivots on a yoke in the center - a couple of folks could sit on the cabin top and work the pumps. I don't know if the yoke was on a bar between the two boxes and fasten to the deck. I'll come back to that later.

So, fiddling with the sheet lengths and such I figured I needed more than the sail arm could give me and decided to use a trolly system to handle the sheets; fore and main at least. I made a tray out of some aircraft ply and mounted in on top of the daggerboard trunk.

I need 21" for the main sheet straight out, so I need at least 10" or 11" of travel in the trolly. The figures out just right for the fores'l sheet as well. I think the heads'ls will both go on the arm with the square tops'l

The fore end of the trolly with be anchored in the bow under the focs'l hatch. The aft end will go in the cabin hatch and be spring loaded to maintain tension in the system.

The rudder servo will go back aft too - there'll be too much to get tangled in the main hatch area.

If I need to make the trolly system longer, I may anchor it further aft and open the lazerette hatch to access it.
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