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Micro MIG 15 Mod -> Silent Seagull EDF

hello boys n girls!

Sometimes I make a seagull.
first one was the Ping Wing;
X-Twin Mod: The PING WING - RC Groups

and then last year this one;
quick 'n dirty SEAGULL build - RC Groups

and now im building it again, but bigger. and better. and without props...

So i took a HK MIG 35 mm EDF

Mig 15 35mm EDF Micro Jet EPO

stripped of wings, paint and features,

bought a spare 1 meter-span Graupner Terry Wing
Graupner Wing

and I will cut it into the wings of a seagull, and put them together like this..:

..well, and then make it look like a seagull, ofcourse.

baby bath does the job for making the right bend..:

a bag of boiling water fixates the shape...

again on the other side..perfect!

So after 0 (zero) flights i cut up the MIG, and plan to rebuild it like this:

-Fuselage will be upside-down, for a lower centre of gravity

-EDF's make a terrible noise, seagulls don't, so I want to dampen the sound of the fan.

-exhaust will be rotating for rudder control

-aileron servo's will twist the wing tips

HOW exactly is something I'm figuring out as i go...we'll see!

I cut the fuselage in half. In the middle you can see where the EDF was placed in the fuselage. directly attached to it the whole thing worked like an 'amplifier' for the sound of the fan... So I wanted to make a sound dampening suspension for the EDF. luckily with that fat part in the middle cut away there was enough space inside..

two rings on the right side will be attachment points for the suspension.

made a prolonged duct from PET bottles.

..lots of space!

..I suspended the EDF inside a legging, which i attached to the rings.
The inside of the fuselage I covered with isolating cloth.

..freely suspened inside the fuselage..!

Test Video:
silent EDF set-up test (1 min 51 sec)

T.B.C... !
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