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Originally Posted by HeliFlyer711 View Post
Hehe you get a Goblin, Im coming over to fly it.........waiting on 25 items from my fav vendor HeliDirect, free 2-day priority shipping on orders over a hundred, Walkera parts at below retail, some at almost 1/2 the cost and a no questions asked return RMA policy via the TELEPHONE on 90% of the items that the manufacturer doesnt warranty direct. Thats doing business the American way .
Originally Posted by HeliFlyer711 View Post
Thats kind of the general consensus of most newer pilots, so your not alone there. And...theres been huge debates on the subject that end up nowhere, like most debates do online.

IMHO though knowing how a flybar worked and being able to do the dial in, making repairs, building, along with reading tons of threads and watching vids and actually RTFM (as bad as some can be) and then reading some home grown tuning manuals that guys wrote and published on the web for specific heli's like the Belt CP/Blade 400, only out of thier true love for the hobby and not for monetary gain......etc... that's the kind of stuff that gives a good idea what an E-lectronic flybar is doing and going to be like setting up, going in to it. Especially the 2702V which is like i mentioned, a 120 CCPM 3-axis unit that uses the radio to do the mixing. Very similar to a flybar setup.

I still fly a 4G3 and a 4G6 which are flybarred micros, the 4G6 is still the best flying micro I've flown and I've flown/owned quite a few. One of the top test pilots in the USA for Walkera has also mentioned this about the 4G6. With a heli that small Flybarred or FBL its so light that the only benifit being FBL is that its easy to repair & fly, hence the huge influx of new pilots with helis like the MCP-X & D02S. Otherwise the heli hobby would have stayed one of those obscure "you fly a I'll stick with my truggie" type of thing. Even with the advent of FBL you see it all the time on the Classifieds, "going back to planes, please buy this and get it out of my sight" advert..... LOL

I miss my Flybarred Belt CP also as that was a crash and go heli that just kept coming back for more.

Anyway, keep the questions coming as theres a lot of knowledge on these forums and a bunch of guys here that are willing to help.
I mainly use them as well. Sometimes wowhobbies has a better price, but not often. PLUS helidirect will price match within reason, so yeah. It will be a while before i get a goblin. But Its my next progressive move. A lateral move is going to be another 4f200 in my fleet. But i'm going to replace the rotor head with a v200d03's head and install a 2702 or at the least a 2618 RX. And probably upgrade the, well everything else on the heli. I like the 3 blade head, but in a 3d crash i don't want to repair it. So combine the 2 blade v200d03 head with what this guy did: = pretty nice heli imo.

My favorite micro in my fleet right now is my custom v120d05 dubbed by me the v120d05CS-pro as a parody of the v450d01-mgs-pro. lol. :
its everything the v120d05 should have been.... Almost. Still has a poor tail rotor to main rotor ratio. Only 2.5ish to 1. But with the turboace motor it hums and has plenty of power, more than my v120d02S and the tail authority is sufficient now. Not great but it works. Only its a little heavy, but its so windy here i almost like it better because of that. In fact it was this little helicopter fighting 38mph gusts with no problems that inspired me to buy a v450. Which is also very good in the strong open winds here on the east coast right off the ocean. Nearest field to fly is only like 5 miles away from the beach in a straight line. So the v450 is now my baby, till the summer kicks in hard, The winds will die and i'm quite worried about puffing packs. They already swell quite nicely in the 80 and 90 degree weather were having now. In august i don't think it will stand a chance.
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