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So now with my 4f200 back in running condition, even though i cant get rid of the low rpm blade tracking issue. The vibrations is almost all gone now and i have it set pretty well. So its time for a new project. I was going to use my v450 for this but the 4f200 is just smaller and easier & safer to test in my driveway.

So to entertain myself while charging my batteries I threw together a very crude FPV system using my lead acid battery for field charging my packs and some other miscellaneous items i picked up on ebay for around $100. I decided to use the tail boom holder as my mounting spot because it is already somewhat isolated for the RX. So i don't get a whole lot of camera shaking in the air, it works quite nice. I have not tested the range, but i really, really, really doubt i'll get the 100Ms boasted by the camera receiver. Maybe half of that, maybe. The camera does pick up intermittent distortion and static from the helicopter's RX and electronics. It is a 2.4ghz cmos camera. I don't have a DVR or any way to record and upload the feed yet though. I found a USB DVR for my laptop on ebay for like $10 so i might try that out. Right now i have it mirrored though a little 7 inch screen that used to be attached to my old PS2 for spectator view. Then it gets routed to my cheap little Myvue "fpv" goggles. Very crude indeed but gets the job done. I'm happy with it for under $150 including the cost of the Pb battery. The low, "ground eye view" of the camera, basically sitting on the ground while the helicopter is resting, allows for a very good perspective for FPV flight. I can see the horizon, the ground when i get within a few feet of it and i can see the underside of my canopy above at the tippy top of my screen which helps with level orientation with the horizon.
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