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An even more cynical nature than Kimber's suggests that there'll only be a 'market' for a full blown all balsa scratch build forum when the genre exhibits a lot more 'New! Exciting! Products!' that can be marketed/ have commercials sold.

Perhaps if one of the Kardashian sisters took up building Guillows' kit models?

Go look in the 'Sports' forum. Threads on own design wood structured models end up with a dozens, if lucky, posts and maybe a couple of hundred views.

Threads which amount to 'I've bought a new shiny box like I was told to - how do I get this shrink wrap off it' run to hundred of posts and thousands of views. They often last long after Chian has done making the 'product' and it has degenerated to a 'collectible' on EBay...

I'll go with not complicating RCG with any more forums. We builders know where our interests are covered, as do the hobby buyers.

Not personally sure about women's shoes, though my wife's collection of office clothing is, I believe, fairly remarkable... But as I ride an English made custom built road bike that I spec'd and assembled myself, I have to be circumspect about strange behaviour at times .


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