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Originally Posted by RUBNorris View Post
Ok so here is the video of my reaper that i can't seem to balance out. It flys OK but it's takes alot of work. I dont know what to do with it. It's gonna have alot of holes in it.... To me it seems like the battery needs to go back more. Wings are not my thing i guess?
I wish I could come and fly it for you. Locally I trim in a lot of planes and usually a problem is something simple and correctable.

I have seen many things happen that make a plane fly strangely. Seeing that you are flying a Scythe the Reaper should be easier to fly so something has happened which would make me think there is a set up problem.

I have great confidence in the Reaper. If you look at the Swarm competition we just had most of the planes in the video are Reapers.

Here is the check list from the website for things to check.

Flyers I have helped have the following problems.

CG is not right. I frequently see planes that are tail heavy and many flyers mistake a stall for nose heavy. If the plane rolls or tip stalls instead of going flat and level to the ground it may be tail heavy not nose heavy. The Reaper can carry a large battery and camera and balance. This may be the problem.

Servos are too weak or reversed. I have seen a dozen planes this year with up and down or elevons reversed. This happens to even experienced flyers.

I have seen planes with linkage problems that under any type of stress are flexing or servos moving especially under compression. If the right signal isn't getting to the elevons the plane can't fly. This most frequently happens if the pushrod is from the tip of the servo arm to the horn on the elevon and there isn't enough leverage.

I see you have not used the standard elevons and this is OK but they have to have the right amount of movement or it will stall the wing before it even gets up to speed. We use bigger elevons on our planes because they have less drag. Because the elevons are bigger they don't have to move as much to get the same effect on the wing. If they move too much they will stall the wing and make the plane seem out of balance. If they don't move enough you don't have the time to get the plane under control before it is on the ground.

I have seen props on backwards and weak batteries that are not giving enough power.

I have seen many flyers who are having trouble launching the bigger plane.

I hope this helps. I know the plane design is a great design.

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