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The S033G is one of my favorite 3 Chnl. Heliís because it is smooth and stable in flight. It is also built to withstand punishment. I have crashed mine many times and the only thing that has broken are the landing skids. The only problems I have with it are receiver/transmitter reception issues and forward flight outdoors with any wind.
What many people do not realize is that antenna length is determined by the frequency. The higher the frequency the smaller the antenna. That is why cell phones ( 800 mhz ) only require a very small antennas. The S033G I have is 27 mhz and requires a much longer antenna. I replaced the antenna on my transmitter with a longer one from another radio I had. Then I doubled the length of the antenna on the helicopter. But do not run the antenna along the tail boom. For some reason that impedes the reception of the radio signal. Just wrap the antenna wire around the landing skids. That doubled the reception distance of my heli. For the outdoor wind issue I removed the tail boom support arms and added an equal amount of weight to the nose of the helicopter. That improved the forward flight speed a little. I also replaced the tail rotor with one from the Double Horse 9101. It fits perfectly but had to cut and reverse the wires going to the tail motor because the prop is angled opposite. That mod greatly improved the heliís forward speed!
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