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Originally Posted by GuiotsBaby View Post

Blame PMT--he posted.
NO problem PMT is officially blamed, HAHA!

I AM seriously contemplating doing both. Just load the entire backseat of my truck up with planes, radios and a charger, then head to TT after the ALES contest.

Ah...good lad! Fine job not letting some well-intentioned but misguided artificial flying lead you astray for too long!
Never misguided, I KNOW exactly where I am going (I think), HAHA!
HHMMMMMMM, a WHOLE Saturday of flying, I might just OD.!!!!

I'm inclined to disagree--except perhaps for a wise king who once observed that without true purpose everything can be vain.
Oh, I have purpose, Hehe!
I wonder just how many planes I can get in the back seat of my truck.......?

Of course you know the answer is always, "Just one more..."

So true!

Oh, I think I'll be weighting the nose on the Ninja a bit more. (I'll talk to you later about it.)
Sounds good.
Hope to see you there Saturday--if the weather and wind hold good.

By the way, plug my body's batteries in for me, will ya? Several graded exams, an early A.M., and I think I need the field charger.

I hope to make it out if the weather holds true

Since I am charging batteries today, I will add yours to the list. How would you like those charged? Fast rate, cycled or trickle?

Talk to ya soon
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