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Originally Posted by jhebbel View Post
Got my wobble on spoolup almost figured out, at was my blade tracking, just needs a lil more adjustments. but my tail wag remains even after checking it mechanically for play/slop and adjusting swash and gyro settings. Only other thing i can think of is static discharge? anybody else experience similar wag due to un-grounded boom?

Thant last landing is kinda rough lol, now you know why i got the heavy duty Align landing struts! but to my defense the heli was looking into the sun and i dont have near the picture quality in my fatsharks ans seen on recording.
Nice job J, must feel pretty strange doing forward flight coming at yourself with the goggles. Damn stock walkera tail servo sounds like a rattle snake, but it gets the job done!
PS, There could be a lot of subtle reasons for the slight wag, and it is annoying when it shows up.........check my washer mod for the slider arm bearing a few pages back, that will remove the slop in the arm.
The other thing is the 2702V like to be mounted firmly onto the carbon block, but not too firmly, the tail gyro chip sits right on the back of the RX and if vibes are transferred to it its just picking up what it senses as movement but whick could be a resonant frequency to cause the tail wag. My point is change the mounting tape to something a little softer.

Then theres the belt pulley wheel in the front of the boom, sometimes it wobbles and causes the belt to shake, spin up the heli clockwise rotation and shine a flashlight on it, if you see the wheel not turning true it could also be the cause. It makes the belt shake at speed.....

Sometimes one little part can cause it, and it can be frustrating to track down, luckily frame parts for the V450 are dirt cheep Im going through a little wag now with the DS520 because its super sensitive and has more resolution than the stock walkera 2610H, it picks up even the slightest signal from the 2702V......i could just tap on the RX and watch the tail servo jump a couple clicks. Wondering if the Futaba S9257 would be better..from the reviews i read it sounds like it is.
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