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s033g mods

I have gotten at least 30 of those flashlights free from Harbor Freight with purchases over the last couple of years, I find coupons in Sunday papers.
I did not like the headlight mounted at top of the canopy when I first got mine, the light shined brightly out the back of the canopy and did not help night time orientation, so I extended the wire and drilled a hole down at the front of the nose, put that light there, and glued a small chrome sleeve on the canopy there to help focus the light. Same spotlight effect as your flashlight, just not quite as bright. I also thought the flashing side lights were too much, so I took them off which also reduced weight by 8 grams. Then I broke the tail boom lights when changing out the frame, so I added wire to one of the side lights and have a shorter tail boom light but no side lights. Also, I think on most of the plugs like the one on your tail motor, you can push in a tab to remove the wire with the end on it, then switch the wires, I am not sure you can do that on the tail motor plug, but I have done it on other small plugs. I also put a longer transmitter antenna on mine, but am not sure it made much difference. They say that it is better to match the antenna lengths. I do think that the 2 cell lipo in the transmitter helps. Happy flying.
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