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Originally Posted by IntegrityHndywrk View Post
Yeah, as usual i get way ahead of myself. I guess i need to just wait till i get the new servo today or tomorrow. I'm still concerned that my other 2 servos are 09-8s with 09-9 labels on them too. So if i ordered a 09-9 and the inside gears are different, i must have 09-8s right? If so, i probably have to wait and order 2 more matching servos then? Or will this match up be ok?
In general, I will replace all 3 cyclic servos at the same time (even 1 bad cyclic servo) as I was taught from day 1. The reason is that those old good ones may wear out too and the travel speed may be slower than brand new one in which may cause problem. Of course, most of people just replace the bad one. It's not uncommon that people just replace one of bad cyclic servos instead of whole set and still fly without problems.

Be make sure you use same brand and model cyclic servos, mix of diferent brand and model of cyclic servos is "NO, NO"
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