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Originally Posted by HeliFlyer711 View Post
BL35X or P the latest are linear BEC, the X =2A for FB the P=3A for FBL. Linear gets hot yes but provides a cleaner power source, whereas switch runs cooler, but because of the high switching freq's can inject noise into the RX.

Best setup for the FBL rx's IMO is an opto-isolated ESC which uses a form of light instead of electrical means to transfer the signal (although still electronic components used) to the RX, which means youd have to run a external BEC. On a 450 its a little overkill but can easily be done. External BEC's can be had for 11 bucks up to 5A and they are small enough to fit the V450s expansive frame.

I went with Castle Ice 50 for the data logging, 5A BEC and Governor mode, if you have flown a heli with a governed headspeed you dont know what your missing
The hobbywing 60A / 3A Switching BEC has a governor mode. Hoping it works out well. One of the reasons i decided on that one. Plus it has an easy to use card to program it. The Castle stuff is just too costly for me in comparison right now.

BTW I was able to switch my broken dip switches on my RX with a needle point. The wowhobbies manual says my TX should have channel 2 and 4 reversed and all others normal. Is there a reason wow hobbies uses the aile reverse switch and rudder reverse switch on the RX and counter reverse it in the TX? I'm trying to learn about how this RX is setup. When i get my new servo I need to know how this stuff is supposed to be. Is it just preference how the switches are set or does it affect the swash mixing? Because right now with the aile & elev switches ON and the reverse on the TX normal (off or down position) the cyclic appears to move the 2 servos i have in the right direction. But moving the pitch stick in throttle hold mode the servos move opposite. One up one down. Yet still cyclic works normally. If i reverse the aileron channel in the TX they work normally in TH with the pitch stick but left right cyclic move the servo the oppisite direction. I should probably wait till i have the servo, but i'm trying to preemptively figure all this out and i don't really understand the 3 servo mixing on this helicopter yet.
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