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Originally Posted by Paul J. Harris View Post

I placed the order for the ARF today. This will be a big step for me as the largest aircraft I've flown so far is 52.5" on an E-Flite Power 32, 4s battery.

Wondering if you are still happy with your choice of the Rimfire 120? Noticed another poster went with Power 110 on 8s. Haven't seen it fly, but wondering if that is true overkill? Only advantage for me would be to continue acquiring 4s batteries and run them in series versus acquiring 5s batteries. Additionally, posted photos seem to indicate that you were able to cut a smaller hole in the dummy engine for a more scale appearance that the Power 110 allowed.

Any new thoughts on your project in its second season?


If you've never flown a large scale model, you will be in for a surprise. They are actually very much easier to fly! Smoother and more stable.

As for the power, yes, I am very happy with my choice of the Rimfire 120. I'm using 5 cells, 5000mah Blue Lipos. I've actually gone to a less pitch prop, a 17x8 to slow it down. Speed is not proper, nor wanted for this model. The Power 110 is definitely more than necessary for this plane, as Big Lacy mentions. over 60% throttle might tear the top wing off. Pure vertical till out of sight though. I do have another model with the Power 110, on 8 cells, the Great Planes P-6E Hawk, spinning an 18x10x3 blade prop. It never sees full throttle except on pure vertical, which is almost never done. The Rimfire 120 rarely ever see full throttle, either, by the way.

Get your batteries from Hobby Partz if money is a problem. Excellent batteries at good price. Gens Ace now a step up from Blue Lipo. I am very happy with my Blue's.
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