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dx8 lock out or lock up issue?? help

Ok so i have been flying my hangar 9 extra 260 27% since last august. Here is my setup
dle 55cc
all spektrum servos 6020's for all surfaces except the rudder its a 6040 i think it has over 200 oz of tq.
Running a sky lipo 3000 2s for receiver threw a 10amp castle bec
ignition has its own battery
spektrum 6200 receiver

i never had any issues with the plane last year but don't know if it was because i wasn't trying these 3d stunts i am now. well now i noticed sometimes that when i try to flip the plane with ailerons elevator and rudder and flip the plane and get it to a flat spin. Sometimes seems like the plane locks out and won't do the man overs i want it to do i just thought at first i was counteracting the throws. but i had a dead stick the other day found out un related but i was messing with the radio and when i try moving the surfaces on the ground it goes into lockout and will not move the surfaces sometimes it takes a second to move again sometimes more(while you are holding the sticks) but if you let go and try again its normal. sometimes it do it sometimes won't. But it will only do it if you work all the surfaces if you work only one it will not do it. I checked the battery and it was at 7.76v and 57% full.

Im wondering if I'm putting to much of a load on the battery and drawing down the voltage. or is the 10amp bec not enough current for the plane with working all the surfaces. Any help would be great I'm kinda at a loss.
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